Millions of people  across the globe buy SIM cards to access the telephone and data services from retail outlets by submitting required documents However there is always possibility of fraud during SIM registration. People who aim to use mobile phones to commit fraud, crime, or even terrorism with current SIM registration models can easily submit the fake documents. In countries where automated and secured registration platform is not available, people can easily buy SIM cards on Fake ID posing a  big threat to  regulators and operator.


To counter such fraudulent registration processes, operators are trying to scrub invalid, fake or unauthorized mobile connections. To achieve this efficiently we are offering our Engrafi Platform which takes care of registration in secured way for new, existing and corporate subscribers.


6d’s Engrafi is an end-to-end solution for Subscriber Registration System, which is a compulsory step for any organization to collect concrete and accurate information about their clients. Engrafi is automated, faster, error free, less expensive, safe, and efficient. It allows complete management of subscriber registration lifecycle through easy to access channels like Web and Mobile Application. Engrafi reduces the manual intervention in the Business Process which results in greater accuracy and lesser fraudulent schemes. The solution is built to simplify, optimize and secure the enrolment process for customers. It manages registration and provides enhanced customer experience making it easier to use.



Comprehensive, flexible and agile platform to manage the Subscriber registration

  • Advanced data capture capabilities
  • End-to-End subscriber life cycle
  • Digitized business process
  • Secure, Safe and Reliable system
  • Real-time provisioning and instant activation
  • Secure Digital Storage
  • Complied with regulatory authority standards
  • Easy tracking of SIM card user


Press Release


6d Technologies: Digitalizing Subscriber Registration Across African Markets

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