CRBT solution facilitates subscribers to opt for personalized content to greet callers with the tune of choice. It provides a white-labeled online backend tool (GUI) to create Website, Online Android and Apple APP, IVR to 3rd party Music Content Owners, Singers, TV, and Radio station to enable them to promote their own content on their own advertising channels. The solution integrates with operator’s components including HLR, Switching Centres, IN/OCS, Billing systems and communication channels like SMS, USSD, WAP, APP and online portal. It comprises an in-built content management system which permits content providers to upload/publish content. Other features include the subscription engine, recommendation engine, campaign manager, self-care and a reporting system.


This leading edge new service offers solid revenue-enhancing opportunities in both the consumer and corporate market segments. Its powerful business intelligence suite helps to segment users and identify patterns/trends. Then the right content to the right subscribers can be pushed. The uptake amongst subscribers improves, generating additional revenue through personalized and targeted promotions. 6d offers an end-to-end managed services starting from content acquisition, availing content to subscriber and finally subscription lifecycle management.


Key Highlights

  • Multi-flavored ringback tones
  • White Labeled Tool
  • Salient features such as Refer a friend, Hang-up SMS, gift RBT etc.
  • Efficient content partner relationship management
  • RBT content categorization & management
  • RBT content repository with preview & full track download
  • End-to-end service subscription handling
  • Smart pricing & subscription bundles that meets customer needs
  • Highly customized profile based recommendations/offers
  • Handset app for on-the-fly service access (Apps with Android & IoS support)
  • Detailed dashboard to detail business insights

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