When world is singing a Digital song and then Omni-channel redefine the customer experience. Omni-channel the word, the technology which full fills the complete digitization definition, we at 6d leveraging the digital content & service delivery platform with Omni-channel experience which differentiate the customer experience and brand value from the crowd and bounds the sea of digitization in a compressive package. As a part of platform we are delivering seamless content experience over conventional, digital & live agent channels. Omni-channel is not restricted up-to cross channel support, customer need a services and content experience on smart devices where we defines the Omni-Device which is really a specialization of Omni channel. Platform offers the consistent service experience on multiple channel and devices.


Key Highlights

  • Multi-Modal ecosystem
  • Accelerate the use of self-care services which reduce network resource cost
  • Personalization no matter what channel customer is using
  • Device & channel preference section

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