The telecom industry has experienced a huge growth in SMS traffic over the past few years with innovation in technology, intra-network messaging becoming more prominent. This growth in SMS is fuelled by both P2P as well as A2P messages. The A2P messaging is growing rapidly. Most of the operators experience huge year-on-year growth in A2P messaging. Leading SMS aggregators and operators are entering in A2P messaging market aggressively through the SMPP and SS7 networks.


However, the ever-increasing messaging trend has opened doors for messaging security threats with outdated SS7 and SMPP network protection methods. SMS spam, grey routes, and fraud comes in many forms and can cause substantial damage with respect to customer satisfaction, financial performance and network operations. Insufficient network security tools result in loss of monetization opportunities for the operator


6d’s SMS Firewall System is designed to provide control to service providers and monetize enterprise messaging by protecting the mobile network from spam, grey routes, fraudulent and un-billed messages.



  • A2P Messaging Monetization
  • SMS Firewall for handling SMS fraud control
  • SMS Firewall with content screening
  • Protecting the mobile network from spam, fraudulent and un-billed messages.
  • Easy Integration with multiple network elements
  • Effectively stops spam, spoof, flood, grey routes, fake traffic delivery and Comprehensive filtering.
  • Smart Platform to enhance Operator Revenues through simple Integration with Applications
  • Equipped with Intelligent Routing Engine mechanism including Long Code, Short Code, GTT, Keyword etc.
  • Easy-to-use, web-based platform interface to provision and configure rules as well as monitor traffic in real-time

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