Over the last few years, the telecom industry has successfully used self-care & provisioning solution to reduce the cost of service and improve the customer satisfaction, the reason behind is self-care service has surpassed the conventional channel to become the most widely used communication channel for customer services. Next generation people are happy to solve their service issues, activation, subscription themselves rather than going to costly & in-convenient ways such as customer care service. 6d’s platform offers cross channel-Mobile App, Web, SMS, USSD, IVR, WEB self-care & provisioning solution to full fills the operator’s customer service strategy by providing personalization in services which enhance the interaction of subscriber and assist operator to deliver personalized self-care service experience that aid’s operator to differentiate his brand and services from the competition. This solution offers flexibility in a time, place and channel to customer.


Key Highlights

  • Single self-care portal for the operator subscribers and businesses
  • Advanced workflow manager
  • Rich visual experience, clean interfaces from any device
  • Easy to add new self-care services
  • Cross platform promotion reduced marketing efforts
  • Seamless integration with legacy and third-party systems

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