Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology is unique to GSM. It is a capability built into the GSM standard for support of transmitting information over the signaling channels of the GSM network. The 6d’s USSD Platform Offers a wide range of Off-the-shelf USSD-based services allowing the end customer to easily manage self-care interactions through USSD menu-based user interface with no intervention of customer care.


Generic features using USSD

  • Dynamic Menu management through simple GUI
  • Push / Pull based notification generation through USSD gateway
  • Session Cache & Resumption – Time & Resource-bounded
  • SMS Direct-USSD based request and response through SMS
  • Self-care and Provisioning module with workflow manager managing various USSD based services like call back, Post call notification, Televoting.



  • Faster response times
  • Easy to navigate, no need to remember any keywords & URLs.
  • Real-time and instant messaging service capability
  • Support menu-based applications facilitating more user interactions
  • Cost-effective and flexible mechanism for offering various interactive mobile services to a wide subscriber base
  • Control of the operator’s USSD traffic

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