With the onset of Value Added Services, the scale of operational activities in a Telecom network has increased exponentially. This warrants a higher degree of investment in terms of money and human capital to ensure that the subscribers are kept in focus and satisfied with their fast-growing demands along with the faster turn around to meet the strategic goals of the Telecom Service Provider.6d’s Managed Services vertical enables 360 degrees Management of Business and Technical SLAs and KPIs along with Revenue Enhancement Management for VAS.





Key Highlights

  • Complete Service Management – 6d gracefully takes over the complete service operations and management to relieve the Telecom Service Provider from the day to day operational activities and instead be able to focus on service innovations.
  • Revenue Enhancement and Monitoring – 6d Managed Services Team monitors the revenue targets for every product and designs innovative upsell recommendations to uplift the revenue trends.
  • Business Reporting – 6d Managed Services enables a 360degree view of the products and their performance for all levels of the business organization for informed decision making.
  • Faster Time to Market – 6d comes with tremendous experience in VAS product and services domain, giving it the edge to enable quicker understanding of the business needs and hence the ability to get it rolled out much faster.
  • G-NOC – 6d’s Global NOC enables 24x7x365 monitoring and management of all Managed Systems under strict surveillance to ensure the agreed service uptimes and pre-emptive maintenance.

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